Thursday, July 5, 2012


Happy fourth of July to all!!!! Seriously what a perfect holiday, one of my absolute favorites. Today was a glorious combo of food, friends, pool, fireworks and pretty much non stop yolo'ing (last person in the world to learn this acronym). I am exhausted but thought it was the perfect day to share a favorite crowd pleasing recipe of mine. Tonight for a friends BBQ I brought my go-to pasta salad, it's quick and easy and delicious and healthy all at the same time.

I cook a package of penne pasta shells (I like to use whole wheat) and add a package of cherry tomatoes (each cut in half), fresh buffalo mozzarella (also cut into small pieces), fresh basil chopped up and top with Paul Newman's balsamic vinaigrette and salt and pepper. It is good to make this in advance and put in the fridge so that the flavor from dressing soakes in. Sometimes I will experiment and combine two dressing like a balsamic and a sun dried tomato. If I want the salad to be a little fancier I will throw in some sun dried tomatoes or artichoke hearts. Play around with how much of each ingredient you put in but I always use a full box of pasta because it seems to be the perfect amount for parties. I will say again this is always a crowd pleaser and perfect for this season.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating the great country we live in and all of the freedoms we have because we are here. I know on the fourth I am always happy for the freedom to eat what I want whenever I want, hang out my friends and just be me. God bless America!

Three cheers for America!!!!!!


  1. Um Hi. You are cute. This is cute.

    1. thanks lady, means a lot coming from someone so cute!

  2. I've noticed a theme on your blog - a typical Warren theme - Food.