Tuesday, August 21, 2012

new favorites for a new start

I have recently moved back to California after living in Utah for the past 7 months. Utah is full of wonderful food and scenery especially in the summer, but I have missed California and all of my favorite hangouts. I had previously lived in Orange County for over 12 years so I was surprised to come back and find there are some great new places to eat around here. My current obsession is a place called Greenleaf and yes I have visited it many times over the past two weeks.

There are amazing salads like my favorite the Mexplosion or the Lemongrass Chicken which is a Greenleaf favorite, but there also amazing sandwiches, pizzas and much more. Try the turkey melt on pretzel bread or the BBQ chicken pizza and you will be very happy I promise!!!!

Everything on the menu is made with fresh organic ingredients, but is never lacking in taste. This is a new Socal favorite spot of mine and lucky for me just a five minute bike ride from my house. It has even inspired me to try some new fresh healthy meals on my own at home.

Yesterday I went to Trader Joes and got whole wheat flat bread, spicy hummus, sprouts, avocados, sweet tomatoes and mini cucumbers and made this fresh pizza/open faced something today for lunch. It was filling and light and fresh and full of flavor. I loved it and will repeat this meal often.

We have only a few more months of summer and so many choices of fresh produce, so get inspired to try something new and do some serious healthy eating. I will do my part and share some fun healthy summer recipes and you have some you would like to share PLEASE do!!!!!

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